Book Intro: The SuperStar by Raynetta Manees

Posted on September 19, 2016


The SuperStar is ready to go home with you! My new book “All For Love: The SuperStar” (Book 2) is now up for Kindle advance sales! The link to it on Amazon is

For your sampling pleasure I have posted Chapter One of the novel to my website,   My hero, Darryl Bridges, speaks directly to you, in his own voice! (It was mind-blowing writing as a man!). As Darryl will tell you, “I have a hundred million fans but very few friends.”

All For Love: The SuperStar – (Darryl’s Story) (Book 2)

the-superstar“International pop superstar Darryl Bridges counts his fans not in the millions, but in the billions, yet he sleeps alone due to the private tragedy that broke his heart. Then, in one surprise encounter his world is turned inside out! But will the very lifestyle that brought him untold fame and fortune cause the destruction of the love he would give his life to save?

Widowed businesswoman Angela Delaney has suffered abuse and tragedy as well, and after years of struggle has finally achieved financial stability for herself and the child she was left to raise alone. The love she thought she would never find miraculously materializes from the most incredible source. But how much of her present life must she sacrifice to sustain it?

Two people so different on the surface, but such soul mates underneath. But can they survive the multitude of forces conspiring to not only tear them apart but to literally destroy them in the process? Forces willing to go to any length to demolish their love, even if it includes…murder?”

[Book 1 of The SuperStar Series is “All For Love: The SuperStar’s Lady” (Angela’s Story).]

Darryl’s Story is a syncquel to Angela’s story. It’s not a prequel or a sequel because it takes place not before or after but in the exact same time frame!

All advance buyers will have the book automatically downloaded to your Kindle on the official release date, Sept 23.

These two books form the foundation for The SuperStar Series, with Book 3 coming in 2017.