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Posted on August 8, 2011


Dee, how do I …fill in the blank with anything to do with publishing from research to the craft to formatting an eBook to self publishing to marketing to creating a website…? In the decade that I’ve been in publishing, I’ve answered the questions to the best of my ability and done everything I can to help my fellow authors, but since I began self publishing titles, the questions have increased ten-fold. I’ve been spending so much time answering the same questions for numerous published and aspiring authors that I decided to write a book. Now that’s a novel idea, an author writing a book. LOL.

I often teach workshops and learned a long time ago that I can’t tell you everything you need to know in the confines of a workshop. Same goes for a book. In order to tell you everything you need to know, I’d have to write an ever changing publishing encyclopedia. I can’t tell you everything, but I can tell you enough to get you well on your road to Become A Successful Author.

I begin this journey with aspiring authors and work all the way through marketing of your brand. Yes, I said “brand” on purpose. I want you to be in the writing game for the long haul and building a reliable brand is the key. Below is the Table of Contents for Become A Successful Author. Once you all have your book, I know many of you who are published will be tempted to jump down to Chapter Eight where I begin explaining “How To” self publish. I’ve accepted that and tried to write in a way that if you skip around, you won’t miss too much. Go satisfy your curiosity, but then please go back and read the rest of the book, especially the Branding section and the Developmental Editing chapter. Actually, just read the entire book. It’s okay to review things you already know, and you may find new nuggets of information.

On this website, I’ll have guest bloggers from time to time to help you Become A Successful Author, so be sure to spread the word and sign up for the newsletter. The newsletter will be released a maximum of once a month. If there are topics you’d like covered or questions, use the contact page of this website and let me know.

The publishing industry has shifted 180° in the decade I’ve worked in it. The traditional route is no longer the only way to become a legitimate published author, and self publishing is no longer a dirty little secret. As an author, should you travel the traditional or self published route? Become A Successful Author does not tell you to pick one over the other or pit one against the other. Become A Successful Author gives you steps to capitalize on the strengths of both to build a strong brand readers can’t get enough of.

Become A Successful AuthorWhat is branding? How do you grow a large, loyal reader base? How do you break into traditional publishing? How do you publish your backlist? How do you format a book? How do you find your target audience? How do you market your books? It’s all in there and a whole lot more.

With the advances in technology, anyone can be a published author, but not all authors are successful. Keep your focus: Increase quality, credibility and visibility of your brand. Become a Successful Author.

Become A Successful Author Table of Contents

Purchase the eBook from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. The print version will be available February 2012. Don’t have an eReader and can’t wait until February for the print? Amazon and Nook offer free applications for reading eBooks.

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