Operation White Rose

Posted on February 22, 2012


Diana Johnson witnessed her father’s execution. To disappear from the drug world and the man who framed her father, she starts a new life with a new identity in San Diego. Glad to finally be free, she allows herself to fall in love with Ashton Powell—a dream of a man who allowed her to cry on his shoulder during her flight to a new life.

DEA Agent Ashton Powell’s undercover assignment is to befriend Diana and find evidence to use against a powerful drug lord. From day one, Ashton is attracted to Diana, but he believes she is a drug lord’s ex-lover. Fearing she will choose to return to the drug world, he fights against his growing love for her.

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Genre: Women’s Fiction

Back Story

Those of you who have been hanging out with me over the years know I’ve often said that my first published novel was originally a different book, but one of my characters kept trying to take over the novel. Ernesto wanted his story told and it wasn’t quite the story I was writing. Sooooo, I wrote Caught Up (my first published novel) to make Ernesto happy. But what happened to the original book? This is that book.

I knew publishing houses would not want this book because it is not a romance in the traditional sense, though romantic. To keep my characters from being placed in boxes, I knew I’d have to go it on my own someday if I wanted this published. So there you have it. I hope you enjoy.

If you’ve read Caught Up, you’ll notice similarities between the stories, yet they are still very different, so I suggest you let Caught Up go and read this for what it is: Operation White Rose. If you haven’t read Caught Up, wha’cha waiting for? Grab a copy. It’s a great book.

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