Posted on March 26, 2015


Warrior250Cody Young is about to hop on the
next flight to Texas and claim his
woman when his best friend is
murdered. Thinking he’d seen an
end to the senseless killing when he
returned home from war torn
Afghanistan a wounded warrior, he
is almost pulled back into his darker
days of struggling with Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Deeply distraught, he turns to
his heart’s desire, Ruby Nicholas, to
help him find the murderer.

Ruby, a member of the
Precious Jewels security agency,
didn’t think twice about answering
Cody’s call. Wanting, needing to
help Cody, she realizes that she can
no longer hide her secret from him…
a secret that could tear what they’re
building apart.

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Back Story

You may remember Cody from Third Time’s A Charm. He was the brother of the heroine who struggled with PTSD. He is one of the main secondary characters that readers always ask about. They wanted him to have a precious jewel of his own, so it was time he get his own story. The tone of this book is different than Hero (book one of the Precious Jewels Series), but still filled with the suspense. The twists even shocked me. LOL. Seriously, though, I hope you enjoy Cody and Ruby’s story.

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