Love’s Desire

Posted on October 6, 2010


Writing short stories is difficult. Nix that. Not difficult. Downright HARD. At least for me it is. Creating a story with fully developing the characters and plot and having a satisfying Love's Desire Coverending in a few thousand words or less was one challenge I just couldn’t let pass me by, a challenge I thought would help me write tighter scenes and novels.

Sex scenes can also be a tad bit difficult for me to write. So I started out writing short erotic stories. Once I got the feel for the erotic stories, I wanted to switch over to short romances. Love’s Desire is the resulting collection. The majority of the stories have been published previously in one form or another.

Those who purchase my titles Picture Perfect, The Other Realm, or Trapped In Paradise receive a free copy of Love’s Desire. Just  let me know and the collection will be sent to you. Email addresses are not harvested, saved, sold… They will be used to send your book and then deleted.

Love’s Desire
A short story collection that captures the essence of first love, love lost, love found and love’s passion… Stories range from highly erotic to sweet romance.

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NOTE: I give this book away as a Free Read. You can download the PDF here.

A few of you have written to me that you don’t have an eReader. I just wanted to let you know that Amazon and Barnes & Noble offer free eReader applications for PC and other devices.

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