Tell Her How You Feel

Posted on July 4, 2011


Tell Her How You Feel

Latifah Azimi discovered “too good to be true” literally meant “too good to be true” the hard way. Lesson learned, she swore never to make that mistake again.
Then “all too right” Austin Write came along, tempting her to believe in love again.

The impossible happened—control freak Austin Write lost control and fell in love. Unfortunately, the object of his affection has good cause to be leery of love and him. With love and affection, Austin plans to show Latifah what they can have isn’t too good to be true, but their dream come true.

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Back Story

Those of you who know me, know my grandson is the light of my life. That child keeps me entertained. When he was three, I took in a stray puppy, which everyone in the family fell in love with. One day I was on the phone with my mom while watching the baby and the puppy chase each other around until they tired each other out and both fell asleep. It was too cute and got me to thinking about writing a traditional romance with an adorable three year old who would make cameo appearances here and there. Next thing you know, a full plot came to me and I was writing Tell Her How You Feel.

This is the first book of  the Write Brothers series and I’m asking the readers to help me decide whose story I’ll write next. I’ve created the website Son 4 Sale for the main matchmaker to hear your opinion on who should be next and for announcements of upcoming books in the series. Hope to see you there.

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