Sweet Thang by Deatri King-Bey

Posted on August 2, 2016


Sweet Thang

SweetThang200wMeet Joy, a thirty-three-year-old, sexually-frustrated virgin who has fallen for a man she met online—a man she knows will alleviate her frustration and a whole lot more.

The conversations Sean and Joy share would make a phone-sex operator blush. When Joy decides to move close to Sean, he knows he should stay away, but can’t.

Edward has waited his entire life for a woman worthy of him. Intelligent, young, sexually naïve Joy is ready for him to mold. He understands her apprehension of dating a man a tad bit older than her, but her misgivings are nothing to conquer compared to what he’s had to overcome in the past to get what he wants.

Ten years ago, Sherry’s man killed her pimp and took her in as his lover because he loves her. Now some virgin slut comes along and tries to steal her man—Hell no!

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Back Story

Sweet Thang actually took me years to write. Those of you who follow my writing know my novels usually have a medium to low heat level. Writing high heat is difficult for me. So I like to challenge myself from time to time. Sweet Thang was one of those challenges. It took me longer than I would have liked, but I had FUN writing Sweet Thang. I love suspense and developing characters. Just as the back blurb indicates, there are three plots to this novel. I hope you enjoy.

My grandmother was a real trip. I got the idea for this novel from an interaction I had with my grandmother when I was a teen. I had asked her what a blow job was just to see what her reaction would be. I put that exchange in the book and changed it a bit.