Silk Scarves and Apples

Posted on December 5, 2013


play colors on expensive fabricOld coots need love, too! At least that’s what Tyler Write believes, and he’s determined to get his great-uncle married. Yeah, Uncle Joe is crotchety, but he’s lovable, and Tyler knows just the right woman to become his bride.

Uncle Joe shared seventy blissful years with his beloved Jessie before she passed, and he couldn’t imagine ever falling in love again. Then Hattie reentered his life, and everything changed. Awestruck, he can’t believe he’s fallen for Jessie’s best friend. Now if he could only get Hattie, and a few others, to overcome their misgivings about their relationship, she will be the next Mrs. Write.

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Back Story

Uncle Joe is the patriarch of the Write family. He is a grumpy old man, but everyone loves him. As the Write brothers stories came to an end, the readers began asking for Gloria and Uncle Joe’s stories. I didn’t have a story for Uncle Joe until I was writing the wedding scene for Gloria’s book. That’s when I saw Hattie! Next thing you know, I was bouncing off ideas with my sister and she came up with the idea of Hattie being Jessie (Joe’s beloved wife) best friend. So are there times when you can date your best friend’s man? After you read Silk Scarves and Apples, let me know what you think.

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