Picture Perfect

Posted on July 30, 2010


I was so moody I just knew I must be pre-menopausal. As if I didn’t have enough going on with our sudden move from Illinois to Arizona, my youngest was a teen and going through finding herself and my husband was going through whatever men do instead of menopause—some call it a midlife crisis. Let’s not forget my oldest and my grandson who had to throw additional chaos into the mix. In general, we are a boring family, but the essence of our crazies gave birth to the Reynolds family featured in Picture Perfect.

Picture Perfect
To the outside world, the Reynolds family is picture perfect. In the Reynolds’ home, Jacob Reynolds, CFO of a major corporation, is experiencing a midlife crisis; Anna Lee Reynolds, happy home maker who isn’t too happy with her life choices, is slipping into menopause; and Junior, the sixteen-year-old son, is proving the terrible twos have nothing on the terrible teens.

When Anna Lee decides to return to college, the family portrait is torn to shreds. Jacob wants a new and improved portrait with his entire family. Anna Lee insists it is time to take separate portraits. Junior begs for the old portrait to be refurbished. All three are hurting and unsure, and the changes in their lives have just begun.

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