Introduction: I’m Losing You by Chicki Brown

Posted on October 5, 2015


IM LOSING YOUHello everyone, Dee here. Be sure to leave a comment for your chance at a copy of I’m Losing You!

Dr. Vic Stafford has an enviable career, a gorgeous wife, and two handsome, well-behaved sons. He travels extensively without his family, but after twelve years of marriage, former beauty queen wife, Ramona has become cold and distant. He suspects all isn’t as it seems and sets out to discover what is behind her attitude change.

Ramona Stafford has lived a privileged life since her marriage to Vic. She spends her time doing charity work and making her husband, who is now the chief of surgery at the largest hospital in the south, look good. Mona has everything most women would kill for, but it’s not enough. She wants more, and Vic seems unable to give it to her.

Is money and status enough to keep their marriage alive?


The worst part was he didn’t understand what was happening to him. Being chief of surgery was something he’d dreamed of for nearly twenty years. The money the hospital paid him made it possible to have the lifestyle he and Mona had fantasized about when he was in medical school. But the stress, fatigue and travel were robbing him of the simple pleasures he’d once enjoyed.

He missed the incredible sex he and Mona always had. She had a wanton, irrepressible nature and did whatever he suggested without hesitation. Not like some women who capitulated to their man’s pressure and reluctantly acquiesced. She seemed to really enjoy it. One of his favorite memories was of the time he took her down to Savannah for the weekend. They had been married about two years, and hadn’t been away together since their honeymoon. He’d reserved a hotel room overlooking the beach at Tybee Island. And it was a good thing, because they never made it onto the actual beach. They only left the room to go out for meals. The rest of the time they made love on every available surface in the room and even out on the terrace after sunset.

Vic missed the sex and knew the change was his fault. Even when he was doing his internship/residency, he remembered being dog tired, but it never stopped him from wanting her. Sure, he was older now, but his health was excellent and couldn’t be blamed for the fatigue and flagging libido. It had to be the stress. Serving as chief was about obligation. Each patient on the surgical floor–his floor–was his patient, even if he wasn’t the one doing the cutting. The knife stopped with him when the surgery didn’t go well. It was his responsibility to face a family and tell them his staff had done everything possible to save their loved one. He couldn’t help but get absorbed in seeing to the needs of patients’ families. And because he’d accepted the burden of looking after other people’s families, he’d sacrificed his own. His only goal had been to become the best at his job and give his family everything they wanted or needed, and his plan had backfired. Had he allowed his desire for status and power to ruin the best thing in his life? Mona had been his partner, lover, friend, and soulmate for the last fifteen years. Could he have been wrong in assuming she was strong enough to be the wife of a successful man? He was losing his wife. Maybe he’d already lost her. That prospect put fear in him like nothing else could. A crushing sensation in his chest prevented him from moving from where he stood at the top of the staircase.

“Dad, are you okay?” Trey’s voice snapped him out of his contemplation. Vic hadn’t even heard him come out of his room, but his son was staring up at him with panic in his eyes. Vic dragged in a deep breath and then answered, “Yeah, buddy, I’m fine.”

“Why are you holding your chest?”

“Uh, it’s just heartburn,” Vic said, thinking quickly. “Guess I shouldn’t have eaten Maite’s leftover empanadas so late last night.” He laughed, hoping to reassure Trey he was all right.

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