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Artistic Temperament by Elizabeth Housden

June 28, 2014


Hello Everyone, today we are going to hear from author Elizabeth Housden. ENJOY!!! We hear much over the years about artistic temperament but what is it exactly? Does it really exist or is it the way we excuse ourselves and others for extremes of behaviour? Is it hereditary? I am an only child, my father […]

Introducing Scott from Secrets and Sins by Bettye Griffin

January 16, 2014


If you’d like to get the full schedule of where Bettye’s characters are visiting this week, please check her blog. Secrets & Sins by Bettye Griffin In this sweeping, 115K-word novel, Bettye Griffin introduces readers to the Cheeks family of Zion, Illinois: Eldest daughter Faye, whose placid, orderly life is about to be disrupted in […]

Why I began Writing Romance Stories by Roxy Wilson

December 27, 2013


Hello, Deatri. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to spend some time with you and your readers today. Thanks, once again, for volunteering to be my mentor, as well as gifting me with what has become one of my handy tools, ‘Become A Successful Author’. This is, indeed, a wonderful time for me. I’ve got […]

SORMAG’s Online Conference

October 21, 2013


I would like to thank Deatri for hosting me today.  My name is LaShaunda C. Hoffman and I’m hosting the SORMAG’s Online Conference. The one conference you don’t have to leave your home to attend. What are the goals of the SORMAG’s online conference? The online conference is for readers and writers to connect with […]

Come To Me By LaVerne Thompson

October 17, 2013


We put so much stock in our visual sense in truth because most of us need visual prompts. The sighted world describes things in color before texture. When we fall in love we either believe in love at first sight or we don’t. Come To Me is a sensual romantic contemporary about two people who […]

A Chance with You Virtual Tour with Yahrah St. John October 14 – 18, 2013

October 15, 2013


The idea for A Chance With You came several years ago from watching the news and witnessing sport celebrities having affairs or children out of wedlock. I wrote a short paragraph on the story and then put it in my think tank folder like I always do. You see, that’s my process. When an idea […]

Still The Best Woman For The Job by Sharon Cooper

September 26, 2013


A Family of Sexy Female Construction Workers…How it All Started On behalf of my newly released novel, Still the Best Woman for the Job, I thought I’d share a little back story of how Jenkins & Sons Construction became a company of female construction workers. Steven Jenkins, the patriarch of the Jenkins family, and founder […]

Keeping It Real by Zig Zag Claybourne

July 10, 2013


I’m not sure where the ghetto is that folks think is so fabulous, but it needs to print out travel brochures. And it’s safe to say we can stop trying to be hard. Ice Cube is on his seventeenth family comedy. Ice T has a relationship reality show. LL Cool J is trying to outdo […]

A Change is Coming by Norwood Holland

May 28, 2013


In Southwest DC New Years Eve 1999 under the threat of Y2K as the 20th century’s final hour ticked away I sat in front the computer at the dining room table.  With a clear view of the Washington Monument from my high rise apartment a Millennium celebration was underway with a concert featuring Will Smith.  […]