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Meet Author Crystal Lee

July 6, 2012


The world is so incredibly large. So large that a few weeks ago, I reached out online to several authors to see if I could be a guest on their blogs. Crystal, my guest author today, was one of the authors who answered, but guess what? Turns out we both live in Arizona. Phoenix to […]

Meet Author Deidra D.S. Green

May 31, 2012


Most people know me as Dee. You’d be shocked at how often people think I’m Deidra Green. I guess they see the “D” and assume it’s me. Anywhooo, onto the real Deidra who happens to be a phenomenal person and author. Keep on reading, and you’ll see what I mean. Tell us a little about […]

Meet Author J’son M. Lee

May 15, 2012


Those of you who know me know I’m always into something, and I’m accused of dragging others along. By the way, thank you to all of those who answered my call and purchased books during the Authors4Trayvon event. Thanks to you and my guest today, over $2000 was raised. As I was saying, I’ve been […]

Meet Author Raynetta Manees

May 9, 2012


As you know, I am always looking for another author to follow. I happened upon Raynetta Manees, who many of you may already know, but was new  to me. All I can say is I am so greatful for social media because I’m finding all of these great authors to follow. Anywhooo, allow me to […]

Meet Author Bettye Griffin

April 29, 2012


I’ve read and enjoyed Bettye’s books for years. I like romance with a good dose of reality, so Bettye’s books are perfect for me. I’m sure you will enjoy them, too. Tell us a little about yourself. My full legal name is Bettye-Lynn Griffin Underwood.  I’m a left-handed Moonchild Baby Boomer, I live in the […]

Meet Author Cheris Hodges

March 15, 2012


My first introduction to Cheris was when I edited one of her novels many novels ago. She hooked me on her sexy suspenful novels back then and I always look forward to her next title. Soooo, let’s get to know Cheris Hodges. Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Cheris Hodges and I’m a […]

Meet Author Kianna Alexander

March 10, 2012


I love historicals, especially ones with Black characters, but they are hard to come by. In steps Kianna Alexander with a historical romance for little ol’ me. Okay, so maybe she didn’t write it for me, but I still enjoyed it all the same. Enjoy the interview and great book. Tell us a little about […]