Hot Undercover Bosses: 12 Sensual Romance Books

Posted on April 25, 2016


Do you love sexy boss stories? What about those stories where there is sexual tension and a hot love affair? Only for one or both of the characters to discover they work together and are at odds. Oh, the passion mounts…come inside and see the great stories awaiting by some of romance’s top bestselling authors in the Hot Undercover Bosses boxset.

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He’s a quick look at all twelve authors and titles:
Keith Thomas Walker ~ Hotline Fling ~ When Sonya decides to date a co-worker at her call center, there’s a lot more than love on the line.

Sheryl Lister ~ He’s conducting his own experiment…one passionate kiss at a time.

Monique Lamont ~ Boss of You ~ When love appears to be a twisted joke of fate, it is time to stay and fight or run like hell.

Deatri King-Bey ~ Someone to Hold ~ Heating things up from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Barbara Keaton ~ Clean Up Love ~ Both are vying to win, neither anticipated falling in love nor the chain of events that threaten their chance at a happily ever after.

Wayne Jordan ~ Uncover Me ~ Trey planned on hiring her to care for his sons, but he could only think of kissing her…over and over.

Denise Jeffries ~ Bon Appe’tit ~ How many eggs will a chef have to crack to find the recipe for love?

Cheris Hodges ~ Hard for the Money ~ Somebody has to come out on top.

Shelia Goss ~ If These Shoes Could Talk ~ When a woman from the Big Easy meets a man bringing that Texas heat…it results in one spicy union.

AC Arthur ~ Come Ride With Me – When hands-on training consists of his hands on her body.

Kianna Alexander ~Working Overtime- He’s the only one with the skills to save her farm…and change her life.

Aja ~Breaking Her Rules~Some rules are made to be broken.

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Here’s an excerpt from my contribution: Someone to Hold

SomeoneToHoldeBook300Jordan closed the wrought iron door to her unit behind them and walked across to the elevator bank. The top five floors shared three elevators. The entry area was the only part of the complex she didn’t like. “Please tell me you have something planned for this space?” She motioned around the brightly painted and lit, yet boring twenty by forty foot area. The only positive was the elegant wrought iron double doors to her unit she’d had installed.

Her place in New York didn’t have a door. At least not a traditional door. Instead she’d step off the private elevator into her home. Though she’d lived in New York ten years, the place never felt like home. She should have known it wouldn’t work. Homes should have entry doors, not elevator stops.

Monica looked at her like she’d lost her mind. “Of course I do.”

The elevator doors opened and the view improved exponentially. Who was this fine specimen of manhood before her? A big girl, she liked a man who could hold her when they had vertical sex. The last thing she needed to worry about was breaking her neck in the shower. And that he held her gaze as they walked onto the elevator—another check for the plus column.

“Good evening, ladies.” Without taking his eyes off Jordan, he bowed his head slightly and held out his hand to her.

Thick fingers and no ring or tan line had her imagining those fingers entering her. Maybe Monica was right and she needed a toy, she mused. It had only been a few weeks since her last sexual interlude and here she was ready to drop her panties for Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. She heard the elevator doors close behind them.

“I’m Evan. Evan Locke.”

Accepting his outstretched hand, she bowed her head slightly, but maintained eye contact. Penetrating brown eyes, lit with a fire of desire, she couldn’t stop looking into them even if she’d wanted to. “I’m Jordan Smith and this is my sister Monica.”

“Pleasure to meet you both.” Still holding Jordan’s hand, he undressed her with his eyes. “Are you my new neighbor?”

“I hope so.” Firm grip without squeezing the blood from her hand, this man knew how to restrain his power, and she loved it.

“Excuse me,” Monica interrupted, “but are you married?”

Jordan shot Monica the “don’t start” look. She’d gone thirty-five years without her sister’s assistance in finding a man and done perfectly fine. She didn’t need her help now.

“No, ma’am.” He released Jordan’s hand. “I’m not currently married, but I’ve been divorced twice.” He returned his attention to Jordan. “I do not currently have a girlfriend either.”

“What about a boyfriend?”

Horrified, Jordan pinched Monica where her future back fat would be.

“Dammit, Shooshoo!” Hand on the edge of her mid-back, she spun around. “That hurt!”

“Good. It was supposed to.”

Chuckling, Evan calmly said, “It’s okay. My sisters are just as protective of me. No, Miss Monica, I do not have a boyfriend either. I’m strictly heterosexual. Anymore questions?”

Monica eased two arms lengths away from Jordan. “How old are you and do you have children?”

“I know where you live, Princess. Keep it up.”

“I’m forty-three and these gray hairs are a result of raising a son and daughter who are currently in college. Anything else?”

She’d missed the gray near the tips of his ears. How dashing!

The door slid open. “That will be it for now.” Monica looped her arm around Jordan’s. “It was nice meeting you, Evan.”

“It was nice meeting you both. I’ll see you around, Jordan.”

“I look forward to it.” She offered a polite nod, then exited the elevator and turned toward the corridor that led to the main lobby. She glanced over her shoulder. Evan watched her a few seconds longer, then headed in the opposite direction toward the parking garage.

Entering the complex’s main lobby, the sisters broke into a fit of giggles.

“For a second there, I thought you’d rip the man’s clothes off. Don’t get me wrong, I am pro elevator sex, but I’d never do it for an audience. I’m scared of you.”

Jordan had no idea what had come over her. She’d been attracted to men before, but to be so brazen. She laughed. “I’m scared of me, too. But that was fun.”

“See, being free is fun.” Monica took a seat on one of the oversized sofas in the lobby area. “You have a month of freedom. I expect you to enjoy it.”

“I plan to. Especially if I bump into Mr. Evan Locke again. Isn’t your ride here?” She took in the opulent lobby.

Jordan’s building in New York had been nice, but not quite this nice. This lobby, with its fine eatery, conference rooms, gourmet shops, boutiques, spa and even a concierge resembled a grand hotel minus the registration desk. Another nice difference than a grand hotel was the low foot traffic. The onsite shops serviced the tenants and their guests, so the lobby remained peaceful.

“Don’t worry about that.”

“Why don’t you just tell me what you’re up to?”

“Me?” she said with all innocence and her hand on her chest.

“Yes, you. Why did you rush me down here just to sit?” Sometimes Jordan wondered if Monica was a clone of their mother. They both loved to play games. “And would you please take off those glasses?”

“You are such a dud.” She took off her sunglasses. “I have a confession to make. You see, the box mix-up wasn’t the movers or a mix-up. The best little sister in the world was trying to surprise the best big sister in the world, but the best big sister wouldn’t cooperate. You were supposed to stay out with me all day, then once they finished, they’d call and you’d go home to unpacked boxes and everything set up.”

“Why didn’t you just tell me?”

“Sis, the reason they call it a surprise is because the other person doesn’t know. You just had to go home and micromanage. You screwed everything up.”

“So how much longer until they’re done? And I told you I want to approve your furniture choices before you order.”

“I’m an excellent listener. I haven’t ordered furniture. I had to have them put the extra items I ordered in the kitchen, because you were being nosey.” Monica shook her head. “Sometimes you are so inconsiderate.” She winked at Jordan. “My welcome home gift requires assembly and they didn’t finish before we arrived.”

The two strolled from boutique to boutique. Though physically with her sister, Jordan’s mind remained on Evan. Men who were attracted to her always eased their way in to get to know her. She didn’t know if they were intimidated by her size, her money, her success, her dominant ways, a combination of things or what. Evan was a breath of fresh air. He charged right in. Getting to know him better would prove interesting.

Monica found a few items she couldn’t live without. Amazed how often her sister happened upon things she couldn’t do without, Jordan wondered what she really did with all of the stuff she bought.

“These earrings are perfect for you.” Monica held a pair of sapphire and diamond teardrop dangling earrings set in white gold next to Jordan’s ear. “You’re so lucky to have a long neck. These are going to look fantastic on you.” She set them in the velvet tray along with the other pieces of jewelry she intended to buy.

“I don’t need another pair of earrings.”

“Stop being silly. No one buys a pair of earrings this gorgeous because they need them.” Her cellphone chimed. “I’ll bet that’s actually my ride this time. Hello,” she answered. “We’ll be out in a minute.” She disconnected. “I’ll take these.” She tapped the tray then focused on Jordan. “I should warn you that at first you’ll want to kill me.”

“What for this time?”

“Your gift. Just remember that I always give the best gifts. Even if you don’t realize it at first.”

“I’m afraid to ask what you’ve done.”

At Monica’s custom-painted opal Mercedes, the driver opened the back passenger door. Monica reached into the car and pulled out the most adorable smash-faced, tan puppy with a black muzzle and white paws and breast plate. “Welcome home! I think you should name her Bootsy.”

Stunned, Jordan couldn’t find her voice.

“Isn’t she beautiful,” Monica cooed and kissed the puppy’s nose.

Jordan looked to the driver for help.

Andrea, the driver, shook her head and held up her hands. “I just take her where she tells me to go.”

“No. No. And no, Princess. What on Earth would possess you to get me a dog? You don’t give people living gifts unless they ask for them. Are you serious?”

“I saw your face when you first saw this sweet little poop poop.” She rubbed noses with the puppy. “You already love her. She’s perfect for you. Now you have a reason to come home at a decent hour.”

“You’ve been using too many chemicals on your hair. I think they’ve seeped through to your brain and corroded it.”

“This little lady here will keep you from working yourself to death.”

“Do you have any idea how much work a dog is? A puppy? She’ll need to be fed, walked, trained, played with. When will I find the time?”

“You’ll have plenty of time since you’ll only be working fifty hours a week.”

“Who are you to decide how much work I’ll be doing a week? I have five years to make it to CEO. That may seem like an eternity to you, but in the business world, that’s nothing. I have to prove myself or all of this has been for naught.”

“You are a worry wart. It’s my job to ensure you don’t work yourself to death. You need a life outside of work.” She snuggled the boxer puppy close to her chest. “You have a baby now. You can’t work such long hours.” She handed the puppy over to Jordan, then reached into the backseat again.

Outdone, Jordan stared at the most adorable puppy she’d ever seen. The puppy licked her. “I’m killing your aunt.”

“This is your starter kit.” Seated in the back, Monica set a medium-sized box on her lap, then took off the top and dug in. “Here, put this on her.” She pulled out a thin leash and handed it over, then returned to sorting through the box. “Puppy food, books, training DVDs, chew toys and a bunch of other stuff.”

Jordan fastened the leash to the jewel-studded collar. “These aren’t real diamonds, are they?”

“Of course they are. My niece will not be caught dead in bootleg anything.”

Jordon took the collar off the puppy, then looped the leash through its handle and fastened it around the puppy’s neck. “Take it back.” She handed the collar over.

Monica rolled her eyes. “You make me sick. Andrea, do you remember where I got this?”

“It’s one of two places. You want me to take it back?”

“Please. You’re such a sweetie.” She handed the collar over to the driver.

“What am I supposed to do with her when I’m at work?”

“I’ve already taken care of it. There’s a doggie daycare in your building.” She got out of the car. “The guys are also done in your place setting things up for your four-legged baby in the smallest secondary bedroom. I know you’re angry with me right now, but I also know you’re going to thank me for her. You’ll see.” She hugged Jordan. “Love you. And you,” she tickled the puppy under its chin, “be a good girl.”

Jordan set the puppy on the ground.

“You want me to take the box upstairs for you before we leave?” Andrea asked.

“No thanks. I can get it.”

“She used the potty right before I called, so you should be good to go for a while.”

“Thanks again.” Leash in hand, she grabbed the box out off backseat. “You two have a good evening.” Wondering when she’d bump into Evan again, Jordan headed back inside to have the superintendent change her access codes.

End Excerpt



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