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the impossible possibleRemember back when I said I was working on a baby daddy romance theme that I hadn’t read before? This is it! Enjoy this little peek

Bryanna Martin has given up on finding her happily ever after. The only way she’ll fall in love and marry is if God sends her Mr. Right to her door. Since she doesn’t believe that will happen, she devotes her life to her adopted son and career. Then the impossible happens, the perfect man literally shows up at her door. Drawn to the handsome stranger, Bryanna wonders if this is one impossible that can become possible.

Alejandro Montenegro, CEO of a Global 500 corporation, dropped everything to catch a flight and claim a son he didn’t know about. When he arrives, he discovers his child is not in foster care being abused, but in the loving care of a golden goddess. To spare his son from losing the only mother he has ever known, Alejandro decides to remain silent about his son’s paternity and pursue Bryanna, but then the impossible happens. He falls in love and knows she will leave him if she discovers his secret.

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Chapter One

Bryanna Martin gently twirled one of the silky, soft curls near her son’s ear with her finger. “It’s time for someone to get a haircut.”

A long day of preschool and party preparation took a lot out of the little guy, yet he still fought against sleep. “When we wake up, do we start my birthday party?” He snuggled close to his pillow.

She couldn’t believe her baby was turning five. It couldn’t have been but a few days ago that he’d been too small for newborn clothes, and now he was taller than many seven year olds. “Your party isn’t until noon. So we’ll eat breakfast, go to the airport and pick up your aunts. Then we can all watch movies until party time.”

Big greenish-brown eyes wide and bright, he jumped up. “Can we watch The Wiz? I want to be the lion!” He sang the song “I’m a Mean Ole Lion” from a musical adaptation of The Wizard of Oz. At this rate he’d never go to sleep. The Wiz was her family’s all-time favorite movie. They would all select roles and act them out while the movie played.

Three songs later, Bryanna reminded her son, “You can’t be the same character two times in a row.”

“But the lion’s my favorite. I want to be the lion and for you to be Dorothy.”

“You know the rules.” She kissed his cheek. “I love you, Diego.”

Yawning, he said, “I love you, too, Mommy.”

“When you wake it will be your birthday, and I’ll fix you the biggest breakfast ever.”

“I want pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, grits, waffles, French toast, cantaloupe, pineapple” he yawned again, “grapefruit, orange juice, hot chocolate, sweet rolls.”

Bryanna giggled. “You’ll be taller than your uncle Jarvis if you keep eating like that.”

“I’m going to be big and strong just like Uncle Jarvis! He eats all the food.”

“Have sweet dreams, baby.”

Still amazed at how time flew by, she turned off the wooden train lamp on the nightstand near his bed and switched on the ladybug night-light on her way out the room.

“Diego needs a father,” her mother, Laverne, said the second Bryanna entered the living room. “And you need a husband.”

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?”

Toffee cheeks turned candy-apple red, her mother shooed Bryanna off. “You are too sweet, darling. Always have been. Can you rub some of that sweetness off on your brothers?”

“I’ll see what I can do about that.” Though her mother’s sleek elegance, flawless skin, long dark hair and soulful eyes were beautiful by any standard, Bryanna wasn’t speaking of her mother’s physical beauty. Forty-five years of marriage and nine children looked good on her mother.

Ready for bed, she sat on the opposite end of the plush sofa from her mother, curled her feet up under herself and leaned her head on the armrest. “You know what? I want to be you when I grow up.” The life her parents had provided for her had been fairy-tale perfect, and she wanted it for herself and her son.

“I’m sorry to have to point out the obvious, but to be like me, you need to be married. How can I have nine children, all over eighteen, and only have one grandchild and no in-laws? There is something wrong with this picture.”

“I don’t need a husband, and Diego doesn’t need a father.” In the perfect world, she and Diego’s father would be in love and happily married with lots of children running around the house, but she didn’t live in the perfect world. All she had was fantasy, but she lived in reality and tired of focusing on what she didn’t have and who she couldn’t be—her mother. “Diego and I are fine.”

“I know my baby.” Her mother moved to her side of the couch and embraced her. No matter how old Bryanna was, she’d never tire of being held by her mother. “You’re lonely.”

It was true. She was lonely. But what did her family expect her to do? Wallow in her loneliness? “I’ll be okay, Mama. I know this sounds crazy, but I’m happy for the most part. Do I want to fall in love and marry someday? Yes. I’m not one of those women who shun marriage as if it makes you weak. Do I think marriage will happen for me anytime soon? No. And that’s okay. I have a son I adore. He’s my heart and my top priority.”

“How do you expect to meet Mr. Right when you don’t even date?”

“I haven’t been asked out on a date in years. I refuse to do the blind date or Internet social media thing. The people I associate with at work are married, not interested in me or I’m not interested in them. Same goes for the men at church. And when I get off from work, I come home to my son. So unless God brings the man meant for me through that there door,” she thumbed over her shoulder toward the front door, “marriage isn’t happening for me anytime soon.”

“Humph. if God brought the man meant for you through that door, you’d run and hide behind Diego.”

Offended, she sat straight up. “I would not!”

“You’re using Diego as an excuse. What’s wrong? What are you afraid of?”

“I’m not afraid. I’m a realist. And I’m not using Diego to hide behind. I’m a homebody, a.k.a. boring. My idea of a great evening is a game of Candy Land and sitting around watching movies. Throw in a walk, and I’m in euphoria.”

“Granted, you’ve never been a social butterfly, but you used to date occasionally. What happened?”

“I got fed up.” The last date she’d had ended horribly. Her date had spent the first fifteen minutes blaming all of the ills of society on illegal immigration and went on and on about how Mexicans were stealing jobs from hardworking Americans. She’d reminded him that in other parts of the country the majority population felt the same way about Blacks, so she found it odd that he, a Black man, would jump on that bandwagon about another group of people. The date went downhill from there.

“Fed up with what, baby?”

“If one more man asks me what possessed me to adopt a Mexican baby, you’ll have to break out some bail money because I’m surely going to jail.” Hand drawn to her chest, she said, “He’s my child, and they have the audacity to say I must have been possessed to want him. That’s okay. I’ll pass.”

“I’m sure they were just curious as to how you adopted him, not why.”

“Come on, Mama.” Laverne was known for not mincing words, so her mother’s reply shocked Bryanna.  “You’ve felt the vibe people give us when they realize Diego’s my son. You’ve seen the looks. I can understand a man coming to terms with if he wants to date a woman who has a child, but I refuse to give a man a chance who even hints at having an issue because of my child’s Mexican heritage.”

“I fully agree. But you’ve taken it to the extreme. What’s your plan? Wait until Diego graduates from college before you start dating?”

“My son is my top priority.”

“You leave me no choice.” A mischievous grin tipped Laverne’s lips. “There’s only one thing a mother can do.”

Tickled, Bryanna asked, “And what would that be?”

“Order packages through USPS, UPS, Fed Ex and any other service I can find.” She thumbed over her shoulder toward the front door. “Your future husband is obviously a delivery man.”


The Next Day…

Three little words. How can three little words change one’s life so drastically? thought Alejandro Montenegro. The long flight from Puerto Vallarta Gustavo Diaz Ordaz Airport in Mexico to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport did nothing to soften the effect of those three little words. Within minutes of hearing them, he’d hopped into his Range Rover to make the sixty mile trek to the airport from San Blas.

“Hire whoever the hell you need. By the time the plane lands in Arizona, I want everything there is to know about Bryanna Martin to be given to me,” he’d barked toward his brother, Seferino, and rushed out of his home office with the pictures and letter from his former lover, Graciela, clung to his chest.

Three little words. The sound of his cell phone’s ringtone broke him out of his musing. Without checking the caller ID, he rejected the call and tossed the phone onto the passenger seat. Seferino had called shortly after the private investigator handed Alejandro the information on Bryanna Martin to tell him he was making a mistake. Alejandro understood his brother’s fears. When their father died from a massive heart attack twelve years ago, Alejandro dropped out of the University of Pennsylvania to return home and take care of the family. The oldest of ten children, he had no choice but to grow up quickly when he inherited the family business, Joya Ocultada, Hidden Jewel. He couldn’t let his family down. There was too much at stake.

Instead of following the path the board of directors wanted, he’d followed his own mind and had been called a foolish child who would ruin the hundred year old company. Not everything he’d tried had been successful, but under his leadership, Joya Ocultada had grown from a fifty million dollar corporation into a billion dollar force to be reckoned with, and now his brother worried his focus would be divided.

A billion dollar company and what did he have to show for it? Nothing. Nothing that matters. Exhausted, he relaxed into the soft leather seat of the rental Yukon. He had sacrificed his own wants and needs for his family and would do it all again, but he was tired. Tired and jealous. Jealous of the lives his siblings had been able to live while he breathed, ate and slept business. Now his siblings were marrying and having children while he was left alone in his misery. He wanted it all like his father had. He wanted a woman who loved him for who he was, not his family’s wealth. He wanted a woman who cherished family as much as he did. He wanted someone who wasn’t afraid to love or be loved. He wanted children to be proud of and who would look up to him. But none of this was to be. There wasn’t enough time between meetings to find and fall in love with the woman of his dreams.

He sat up in the seat and straightened his back. Those three little words in Graciela’s letter had changed everything. A part of what he dared not speak aloud was within his reach, and he wouldn’t allow it to slip away.

Parked across the street and a few houses down from Bryanna’s modest single-level home, he skimmed through the material given to him by the investigator his brother had hired. Like him, Bryanna came from a large family. She had four older brothers, a set of twin sisters that were younger than her and two younger brothers. Her father was a retired police officer and Baptist minister, and her mother a retired registered nurse. Bryanna worked for a marketing firm based in Phoenix. Outside of her age being twenty-eight, there were no descriptions or pictures of Bryanna or the rest of her family, but page after page of the file contained pictures and write-ups of the marketing campaigns she had either headed or played a major role in. Truly impressed, he wished he could hire her for Joya Ocultada. He wanted to expand further into the United States and could use her talent.

Disgusted with himself for switching back to work mode, he placed the folder on the passenger seat in exchange for his cell phone, then exited the Yukon and approached Bryanna’s front door. Nerves suddenly shook his resolve. Was he doing the right thing? He pulled Graciela’s letter out of his wallet and reread it, stopping at those life changing words, you’re a father, and knew in his heart he was doing the right thing. That he’d been guided to this door to claim what was his.

A few seconds after he rang the doorbell, an imposing-looking Black man with laughter in his eyes opened the door. “It’s a DVR,” the man called out over his shoulder to whoever was in the house. “Put it on pause. I’m serious.” The man faced him.

“Hello, I’m Alejandro Montenegro.” He held his hand out to the man. He used English regularly during the course of the business day, but still spoke slowly to ensure his accent didn’t become too thick.

“Jarvis Martin. Pleased to meet you.” They shook. “Sorry to be rude, but the game’s on and they’re acting like they don’t understand how to use pause. We’re not interested in buying anything or joining any churches, so save your time and mine if that’s what you want.”

So this was one of Bryanna’s brothers. He’d never considered his son’s adoptive mother could be a Black woman. Truth be told, he’d just learned his son wasn’t in foster care but adopted and hadn’t considered the caretaker’s race. He was just getting used to the idea that he was a father.

“I’m sorry to disturb your game. I’m here to see Bryanna Martin.”

“She’s out back. Come on.” Jarvis led Alejandro into the house and introduced him to his brothers, father and the other men who were enjoying the basketball game. “You’re kind of overdressed, aren’t you? Dawson,” Jarvis called to one of the brothers, “Don’t you have a load in the dryer?”

“Yeah, dude,” Dawson answered without looking from the large flat screen.

Completely confused, Alejandro followed Jarvis into the kitchen. Had this man just offered his brother’s clothes to a stranger? Nah, his lack of sleep was playing tricks on his mind.

“You want something to drink?”

“No thank you.” Through the deeply tinted, floor-to-ceiling glass that made up the back wall of the kitchen, he could see people outside having a good time and things began to clear up in his mind. Bryanna must have been throwing a party, and Jarvis thought he was a guest. Jarvis offering his brother’s clothes still didn’t add up, but he was too tired to figure that one out. There was a huge blow-up castle with mesh walls that children were hopping in. Other children were running between Bryanna’s backyard and the neighbor behind her house’s yard. It was the oddest thing he’d ever seen. The two yards were fenced in by cement cinder blocks as one yard. He liked his neighbors and all, but had no desire to share yards with them, especially if they lived this close. There were numerous women and a few men in the backyard also. Most of the men out back were on the patio near the grill while the women were running after the children or in the pool.

The tinted glass made it difficult to make out faces, not that his son would look the same as the pictures Graciela had taken of his then infant son. When he saw the pictures, he knew Diego was his. Except for their eye color, Diego looked exactly as Alejandro had when he was a baby.

“You want some cake?” Jarvis motioned toward what was left of a lemon birthday cake with dark-blue icing and the letters D-I-E-G and a half of an O written in orange icing.

Suddenly, Alejandro couldn’t breathe. Not only had he crashed a party, but he’d crashed his son’s birthday party. Stupid, stupid, stupid. He’d skimmed through the file on Bryanna so quickly he’d missed his son’s date of birth. Saddened by missing the first  five years of his son’s life, he vowed not to miss another day.

“You okay?”

Overwhelmed, he softly said, “Sorry, I didn’t bring Diego a gift.”

“It’s all good. That boy has entirely too much stuff as it is. You sure you don’t want some cake or something to drink?”

“No thank you.” Alejandro couldn’t remember meeting a more polite man. At best, back home the men in his family would have pointed to the back of the house and returned to watching their game.

“You may want to hang with us in the house.” Jarvis opened the sliding door and stepped out.

Alejandro couldn’t believe his eyes. A yard full of gorgeous Black women and Latinas, yet most of the men were in the house watching a basketball game. He shook his head and closed the sliding door.

“There’s entirely too much estrogen out here,” Jarvis continued. “Nothing but baby mamas and wives.”

Liking Jarvis, Alejandro chuckled. “I think I’ll be fine.” With so many dark-haired children his son’s age running around, it was impossible for him to tell which was his. Anger welled up inside of him. It would take him a while to come to terms with this betrayal. How could Graciela do this?


The woman who turned around at Jarvis’s call couldn’t be old enough to be his mother. She looked like she was in her forties, and that was pushing it. When Alejandro was in college in Pennsylvania, he became hooked on old American movies and was still addicted to them. The woman hugging Jarvis resembled the late, great Lena Horne when she was in her forties.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were here?” she asked.

“It was Dawson’s fault. He made me sit and watch the game.” Jarvis backed out of his mother’s embrace. “This is Bryanna’s friend, Alejandro. Alejandro, this is my mother, Laverne Martin.”

“You’re Bryanna’s friend?” Mrs. Martin asked, but it didn’t sound too much like a question to Alejandro’s ears. Unlike Jarvis, Mrs. Martin was more guarded.

“Cut him some slack, Mama. Bryanna’s grown. Where is she anyway?”

“You’re right. I’m sorry.” She bowed her head slightly. “I’m not usually so rude. Forgive me. Did you introduce Alejandro to the gang in the house?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Did you offer him a plate, some cake? Perhaps, something to drink?”

“Yes, ma’am. I even offered him Dawson’s clothes.”

Brows  furrowed, she asked, “Why did you offer him your brother’s clothes?” She sounded as confused as Alejandro had been.

“He wouldn’t even put the game on pause. I had to do something to annoy him and didn’t have time to come up with anything better.”

That brought a smile to her face. “Did it work?”

“What I said either went over his head, he ignored it, or a combination there of. I’m thinking it was a combination. Can I go back inside now? I’m missing the game.”

“Sure, baby. I’ll take care of Alejandro. Enjoy your game.”

The love the two had for each other was evident in the way they interacted. Someday this would be him and his son.

“So, how long have you known Bryanna?” Mrs. Martin began walking across the pebble-filled yard toward the pool, which was on the neighbor’s side of the property. The desert landscape was intriguing with its blooming cacti, vibrant fuchsia and bright yellow and fireball-orange flowers. But, he preferred the greenery of San Blas, the city in Nayarit Mexico where he lived.

“Actually, I haven’t met her before.”

“Oh, now that makes more sense. I know all of her friends, so I was thrown for a little bit.”

“I can imagine.” And he could. If a stranger came by claiming to know one of his sisters, he’d definitely be on the defense.

“I’m not trying to get into you all’s business. I was just looking out for my baby.”

“Checking the crazies at the door,” he joked. “I fully understand…” he trailed off. Since he’d stepped into the backyard his senses had been inundated with beautiful women, but they couldn’t touch the woman he watched exit the pool right now. It took every ounce of willpower he had and then some not to act like some hormonal teen staring at his teacher’s cleavage. The moisture that clung to her skin glistened in the sunlight, bringing attention to her curvaceous body. Suddenly dehydrated, he wanted to suckle every drop from her body.

He quickly sorted through the images in his mind of beautiful entertainers from Halle Berry to Alicia Keys, and none could compete with the golden goddess who approached him. His heart rate increased and the collar of his shirt seemed to constrict around his neck. His briefs also felt snug. This wasn’t the first time he was attracted to a woman, but never had it been so strong.

Mrs. Martin laughed. “I suggest you close your mouth before my daughter reaches us.”

“I’m sorry. I meant no disrespect.” Horrified he was acting like a lust-sick teen, he did his best to snap out of it. “That’s Bryanna?”

“None other than,” she said with laughter in her voice, verifying she was indeed Jarvis’s mother. “Bryanna, come here a second please.”

Within six long, sexy strides, the golden goddess with long, dark hair pulled into a banana clip at the back of her head stood before him. Oh how he wished he could free her hair and run his fingers through it. The fire in her eyes as she looked at him just about did him in, yet he could see she was as unsure and uncomfortable with the magnitude of their attraction as he was.

Mrs. Martin cleared her throat. “Bryanna, this is Alejandro. Alejandro, my daughter Bryanna.”

“Pleased to meet you,” declared the rich, sexy voice from the full raspberry-red lips he longed to kiss. He had to regain control of his thoughts. She was just a woman. Granted, a drop-dead gorgeous woman with sexy legs he wanted wrapped around his thighs as he thrust into her, but a woman.

He bowed his head slightly. “The pleasure is all mine.”

“It was nice meeting you, Alejandro,” Mrs. Martin said.

He forced his gaze from Bryanna to her mother. “You, too.”

“I’m off to entertain our guests.” She walked off.

“Mommy, Mommy.” A little boy pulled on Bryanna’s hand.

“What did I tell you about interrupting people while they are in a conversation?”

“Not to, unless it’s an emergency,” the child said sheepishly, then turned to Alejandro and knocked him out with Graciela’s greenish-brown eyes and his dimples. “I’m sorry, mister.”

Alejandro was lost after he looked into the eyes of his son. Overcome with emotion, he literally wanted to cry. He didn’t think it could happen, but there he stood looking at a miniature version of himself. He had so many questions, but this wasn’t the time or place. Instead of thinking things through, he’d automatically reacted. Now he regretted his haste. On the flight he’d envisioned his son being in foster care, being treated horribly, and needing to be rescued, but in reality, he had a huge loving family with the most beautiful mother to ever walk the earth.

“Are you okay, Alejandro?” Bryanna asked.

“Pick me up,” Diego asked. After Bryanna picked him up, he reached forward and placed his palm on Alejandro’s forehead. “I think he has a fever. Uncle Dawson gave me a doctor’s bag for my birthday. I can fix you up.”

“Thank you, but that won’t be necessary.” Alejandro laughed nervously. They must think I’m crazy. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were having a party. My business can be conducted at another time.”

“You have business with me?” Bryanna drew her slender hand to her chest.

“Yes, but as I said, it can wait.”

“In that case, you’re welcome to stay for the party. There’s plenty of food and the guys are in the house.” She resituated Diego on her hip. His son was large for a five year old, so he was probably getting heavy. He wondered if she realized she still had Diego on her hip.

“I think I’ll stay out here a bit if you don’t mind.” He took off his suit coat.

“Here, let me take that into the house for you.” She held her hand out. He was tempted to touch to see if her skin were as silky soft as it looked.

“Do you want to play Chutes and Ladders?” Diego asked.

“I’d love to,” Alejandro said.  Anything his son wanted to do, he’d be there doing it.

“You want to play Chutes and Ladders?” Bryanna slowly asked as she took his suit coat.

“What’s wrong? Afraid I’ll trounce you?”

She whipped that beautiful head around and looked behind her, side to side. “Who are you talking to? I know you haven’t come into our territory talking like a madman. Give me a few minutes to shower off this chlorine, and I’ll be right back to teach you a little something about trouncing.” She set Diego down.

The sway of her hips as she walked toward the house was hypnotizing. The deep crimson red of her bikini bottoms drew his gaze like a bull to the matador’s cape to her firm rounded behind.

Diego grasped Alejandro’s hand, breaking the spell she’d put on him. His gaze traveled from Bryanna closing the sliding door to Diego. He’s already accepting me.

“She takes forever in the shower,” Diego complained. “We’ll never get to play the game.”

“How about we set the game up so we’ll be ready to play when she comes out?”


“You’re not allowing him to bring that little bastard back here, are you?” Magdalena, Seferino’s wife, bit out. “What about Lobo?” she said of their five year old son. “Joya Ocultada should be his someday. It’s his birthright. You can’t let Alejandro get away with this… this travesty!”

“Alejandro is his own man and does as he pleases.” Bourbon on ice in hand, Seferino pushed up from the padded lounge chair and walked toward the sliding door of the downstairs guest suite.

Magdalena slipped her feet into her leather deck shoes and gave chase. She loved her husband dearly. Like the other Montenegros, he always put family first. She wouldn’t trade the love and affection she and Lobo received from Seferino for anything.  Anything except more killer instinct when it came to business. Even Alejandro’s all- business workaholic ways were motivated by putting family first. In his confused mind, running Joya Ocultada wasn’t an honor, but a sacrifice. The Montenegros one weakness was they didn’t have that killer instinct needed for business. “Don’t you care that he’s stealing from your son?” She pointed at Lobo, who was in the pool with the nanny. Now she and Lobo were his family, and he would have to put their needs first.

“You know the tradition, Magdalena. The company will be passed down to the oldest son of the generation. Alejandro’s son will be the oldest. There is nothing we can do.” He slid the door open and entered the ten bedroom mansion. She’d commissioned the best architecture firm in Mexico to design their new home, a home worthy of them, unlike the thirteen room shack they’d lived in previously.

“Two weeks is barely older and it’s a tradition, not a law. Your great-grandfather wasn’t the oldest son, yet the business was left to him because he was best suited. The business should have never been given to Alejandro.” She closed the door and kicked off her shoes. “You were best suited.”

“He’s done an outstanding job. Once you factor in inflation, the company hadn’t grown in over twenty years and before then, the growth was slow. He took Joya Ocultada from being worth fifty million to a billion.” He sat on the edge of the king-sized bed.

“Yes, he’s done well.” She knelt before him. “But under your leadership, the company would be worth billions by now.” She pulled off one of his loafers and set it to the side. “He overpays those lazy field hands.” Alejandro was some sort of egomaniac in her opinion. One of his first projects as CEO had been to have housing and schools built, then later a grocery store on the corporate grounds, an Alejandro universe for his peons to worship the ground he walked on. “Look at all of the money he wasted on the school.”

“Our educated work force is one of the main reasons we’re a force to be reckoned with internationally. The school and the college scholarship program are also reasons we’ll keep employees generation after generation. Just about everyone who has received a scholarship has returned to work for Joya Ocultada. ”

Disgusted, she pulled off his other shoe and tossed it to the side. “How much education do you need to pick a tomato? And with the benefits he’s giving away, any college student would kill for a job with the company.”

“You know the agriculture division is just one of many, and the field hands cross-train and work in other areas because their work is seasonal.”

“He’s wasting money on educating and housing a bunch of peons and pays way too much. That’s our money he’s giving away.”

“I’m tired of this discussion, Magdalena. We are not struggling financially. You and Lobo will never know what it’s like to live without.”

Seeing she’d pushed a little too hard, she sat beside him on the bed and caressed his thigh. “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I’m looking out for your best interest,” she purred into his ear. “You know he doesn’t care about the company as a whole. He just wants to start a family and play Farmer Alejandro. He’d gladly transfer control of the company over to you if you showed interest. Believe me, this is what he wants.” She eased her hand into his pants, onto his hardness and stroked.

Eyes closed, he said, “I’ll think about it.”

Think? She’d make sure he did more than think about it. She’d set her eyes on Joya Ocultada years ago and wouldn’t let anyone get in her way.


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