Title Contest: Gloria and Tex’s Story

Posted on February 23, 2013


It’s time for the Write brothers’ parents to find their happily ever after! I’ve completed writing Gloria and Tex’s novel and am sending it to editing, but I need a title for the book. You all helped decide the order of the series and did a bang up job. Now I’d appreciate your assistance in selecting/creating a title for Gloria and Tex’s story. In this book, you’ll learn the whys behind Tex abandoning his four sons. Things aren’t always as they appear. I’m thinking something on the lines of: Two Sides To Every Story, If You Only Knew or The Other Side Of the Story. HELP! If I select your title, I’ll give you a copy of the novel when it’s released and a $10 gift certificate to Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Please place your title suggestion in the Comments section. This contest ends March 1.

By the way, this is the first book in my Second Chances series. I’m going to start writing the parents stories so Eva and Ashton’s parents from Tease and Jodie’s Choice will also be having novels. The heroines in my Second Chances novels will be over 40.

For those of you who need to catch up. I hope you pick up Sons 4 Sale!

SONS 4 SALE (Write Brothers Series eBox Set): If Gloria Write hears “There are no good Black men…” one more time, she’ll scream. She has four sons who fit the bill and not one is married. Desperate times call for desperate action. During the course of four novels, Gloria sets out to ensure her sons marry. The eBox set includes all four Write Brother novels.

Purchase the eBox set for $7.99 or each novel for $2.99 from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL: Latifah Azimi discovered “too good to be true” literally meant “too good to be true” the hard way. Lesson learned, she swore never to make that mistake again. Then “all too right” Austin Write came along, tempting her to believe in love again.

The impossible happened—control freak Austin Write lost control and fell in love. Unfortunately, the object of his affection has good cause to be leery of love and him. With love and affection, Austin plans to show Latifah what they can have isn’t too good to be true, but their dream come true.

Click here for an excerpt. Purchase eBook from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble The print version is available as a double header with Santa’s Helper from Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

SANTA’S HELPER: Marybeth Write is a kindergartner on a mission many deem impossible—to see her dad marry their neighbor by Christmas. To accomplish this mission, she’ll have to go straight to the top—her grandmother and the big guy himself—Santa! A kid’s gotta do what a kid’s gotta do.

Five years ago when District Attorney Houston Write lost his wife to breast cancer, he began going through the motions of life without truly living. Then choreographer Sabrina Ingles moved in across the street and reignited a fire within him he thought was long gone. Now Houston is ready to live again and give his child the mother she deserves.

When Sabrina Ingles’ marriage went down in flames, she swore off relationships and the trouble that accompanies them. But how could she shield herself against the most adorable little girl ever? Marybeth quickly became a part of Sabrina’s heart as Sabrina’s undeniable attraction to Houston grew stronger. Guarding her heart against the type of man fantasies are jealous of has become a full-time job, but she refuses to be burned again.

Click here to view an excerpt. Purchase the eBook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble. The print version is available as a double header with Tell Her How You Feel from Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

THIRD TIME’S A CHARM: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.Third Time's A Charm
Twice a fool for love, Desiree Young learned her lesson a little late, but she’ll never forget it—Just say no to romantic relationships! Work has become her life, and she honestly loves every minute of it until… Until nepotism rears its ugly head, and she may lose everything she’s worked so hard to the most irritatingly-sexy grouch ever.

Two failed marriages have taught Dallas Write a valuable lesson—There is no such thing as happily ever after. Work is dependable, and he loves what he does. After his beloved great uncle leaves his business to him, Dallas must give up his true love—being a master chef—to learn and run the business. Dallas lost both of his businesses to divorce and won’t allow his uncle’s business to be taken over by an outsider—no matter how intelligent, gorgeous and perfect for him she may be.

Two work-aholics, burned twice by love. Well, you know what they say: Third Time’s A Charm.

Click here to view an excerpt. Purchase this eBook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Print

TEASE: After Eva caught her fiancé in bed with her cousin, she swore she’d never be played for the fool again. Now the ultimate bed-hopper—Tyler Write, has set his sights on her and Teaseshe’s having difficulty resisting him.

Tyler can have any woman except the one he truly wants—Eva Simpson. Smooth lines and sweet talk won’t work with her. To have a chance at Eva’s heart, he’ll have to show her who he really is.

Click here to view an excerpt. Purchase this eBook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Print

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