Book Introduction: Jawbreakers by Krystol

Posted on January 26, 2013


Jawbreakers is a book that is near and dear to my heart. Being bullied when I was just a freshman in high school, I can relate to what the main character, Zoela endures. Although bullying has a greater effect today then when it did when I was in high school, it’s still a big epidemic that is going on today. Statistics show that there is at least 77% of students who are bullied verbally, psychically, mentally, and verbally. In my case it was just verbally but that was all it took. But, I will say that it has made me a better woman today and I am able to over come it. Some children aren’t lucky today. They are loosing their lives with suicide which is such a tragedy. No one should want to end their life from being ridiculed on. I started writing Jawbreakers when I was reflecting on my high school experiences. I was only bullied for one  year because I switcheJawbreakers coverd schools, but It still happened and it’s apart of my growth as a person. I hope that readers of all ages mainly Young Adults take something from Jawbreakers and help someone who may be going through or know someone who is affected by bullying. Please help them before it is too late. Writing this story has taught me to respect everyone in spite of their downfalls and short comings.

JAWBREAKERS: Zoela Best is the new girl at school. Trying to get used to the new school and people she meets Vincenza Catucci. They are two peas in a pod until the “Jawbreakers” make their presence known and tortures the girls with bullying and hazing. Vincenza and Zoela are asked to be a Jawbreaker and the two are ecstatic. But, the leader has a trick up her sleeve to turn the two girls into frenemies. Will they see the danger ahead or will they put an end to the Jawbreakers once and for all?

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Enjoy the read and be blessed. Krystol