Book Sample: Tribal Wife by Angelia Vernon Mechan

Posted on December 23, 2012


TRIBAL WIFEFrom TRIBAL WIFE by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Selina walked through her home thinking of the past four years, she had married Leon Rosier for what he offered her. She had stepped into his office as a seventeen year-old straight off the greyhound bus. She had won a scholarship through his entrepreneurial spirit.

Leon was born to money. His father had been from the West Indies and had married his mother, a wealthy white woman of forty whose family owned exclusive shoe manufacturers around the globe. Leonard had been twenty-eight to his wife’s forty and had secured his future by making her immediately pregnant, something her previous two husbands had been unable to do. When

Leon’s parents died in a car crash when he was twenty and in college, he had become sole heir to millions of dollars that continued to flourish through all kinds of economic ups and downs. Beautiful and moderately priced, shoes always sold.

When Selina walked into his office he was thirty-seven and a confirmed bachelor but the ebony hued beauty rendered him speechless. He was a light tan, very proper gentleman who for lack of a better description was asexual. He was just not interested. He had tolerated a few lackluster trysts but had never been caught up. What he felt for Selina wasn’t sexual, he wanted to own her and there was nothing he wouldn’t do to accomplish that.TRIBAL TRIBULATIONS

He groomed and nurtured her through four years of college, never making an advance. He knew she had lovers, but that was of no issue. When she graduated college, he made her an offer she was unable to refuse; he offered her marriage, an unconditional five million dollar marital bonus and something else that made the offer

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