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Posted on September 19, 2012


Hello Everyone.  My name is LaRedeaux, which is simply a combination of my first and last name Lashawone Redo.  Growing up I wanted to be a history teacher and poet.  I loved reading.  Those dreams were deferred when I submitted a story in an English class assignment.  My teacher pulled me to the side and simply said, “Maybe you should try culinary arts!”  When I look back on that conversation I smile.  I didn’t try culinary arts, I transferred schools, became an Administrative Assistant, CNA, Associates Degree in Accounting and a Professional truck driver.  And now I am a writer, too.

So the question is what I write.  I like to think that I write stories with a twist.  When I first entered into self-publishing, my goal was to put out a book of poetry.  Then my computer crashed and all of that work was gone.  I have since learned the art of backing things up.  I spoke with several people about publishing and selling poetry, everyone informed me that poetry didn’t sell.  That was a turning point in my journey.  Since I loved short stories and poetry, I thought why not combine the two.  So during one night in my truck, while waiting I wrote OoPs! the story and combined it with a poem called,  Dream in Color.   At the time I did not know whether or not I would publish the story.  I sent it to a couple of friends who enjoyed it and so on a whim; sitting inside the bunk of my truck I published my first flash fiction story.

Since that time a few short months ago, I self-published:

OutSourced is another flash fiction story that began with a poem with the same title.  The story chronicles a day in the life of Hazel Ross.  She is worried about becoming unemployed again.  Then during an office meeting, her entire department was laid off.

Sweet Love I think this is the most romantic story I have written this far.  It’s about Sanai, who is turning the big 30.  Her life is going in the right direction, with the exception of having a fulfilling relationship again.  So this year, with her friends she openly wishes to find True Love.  Unlike my first two stories, Sweet Love isn’t linked with poetry however it does have a twist.

One Man’s Desire this is my first novella, it combines some poetry and a definite twist in events.  This is not your typical love story.  Here is the synopsis:

On the outside Hilton has the perfect life, a beautiful wife, and two adorable children.  His business HardCores Inc. is doing exceptionally well.  But after business hours are over, he longs for more.  He loves his wife Marie, but after years of failed attempts to rekindle the flame that once burned Hilton is unsure that he can remain a faithful husband.  When an innocent friendship turns into an obsession, lines are crossed that cannot be undone.  When the raging forces of love and lust collide, who will survive the impending storm?

‘Til Death    This is actually the third story that I wrote.  I was unsure about releasing this story because although it has the same structure as the others, it takes a different twist than my other stories have.  Here is the synopsis below:

Taking a chance with love via the internet can be a deadly choice.  But when obsession collides with insecurity, lust and love the ramifications are devastating.  Take a chance with romance and find out who survives till death?

I am currently working on my first full novel.  I am extremely nervous about where this will lead as I am in learning the process.  I have had so many firsts this year, including this guest blog post that sometimes it seems surreal.

I am in the process of building a web site but in the mean time I can be found on Facebook.  I have two pages:

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