Fuck It, I’m Fat Blog Tour! (Julia Press Simmons)

Posted on July 26, 2012


Hello everyone. My name is Julia Press Simmons.
Welcome to the first stop on my “Fuck It, I’m Fat,” Blog Tour!

Fuck It, I’m Fat: My Weight Loss Journey is a deep and personal look at the events in my life that triggered my food addiction. MY BIG AND SEXY HAS BECOME BIG AND DEADLY Well, actually, it has been deadly for quite some time. I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2005, but I’ve been fat-as-fuck since forever. I’ve lived a hard life, and food has always been my source of comfort. Whenever I’d go through something, anything, I’d eat, and eat, and eat. It didn’t matter if I was full, I didn’t eat to get full, I ate to feel better and it never ever worked. Dear Readers, I must have started this book hundreds of times over the last few years, but could never bring myself to complete it until now. I’m no longer afraid to face the truth. I’m 34 years old and I have a wicked food addiction and a serious lack of impulse control. They say the first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Whoop, here it is.

I titled the book Fuck It, I’m Fat, because I was tired of using funny little nicknames for my obesity. I found that “calling a spade, a spade,” gave me power over my condition and strengthened my resolve to do something about it. The word fat evoked a strong emotional response, so I decided it to use the shame and anger to fix the problem. I have battled with my weight since junior high. I grew up in a speakeasy in the heart of North Philadelphia, and I learned how to use food to comfort and pacify the harsh and ugly realities of my home life. Before I knew what was happening, I became dependent on that method.

Food addiction is characterized by compulsive eating and an obsession with weight and body image.  Persons with a food addiction display an obsession with, and craving for, food and eating, a preoccupation with finding sources of food associated with pleasure and comfort, a compulsive cycle of eating, and the lack of an ability to stop abusing food.
In “Fuck It, I’m Fat,” I  attempt to outline the major turning points of my addiction and couple it with what I’ve learned about my disease and proper eating habits over the years. Each chapter contains a snapshot of my life and a lesson on positive food choices, healthy eating habits, and life style changes. This book is not an admission of defeat, it’s a testimony. I constantly struggle with my weight and illness mostly in silence or with dry wit, however I can’t any longer. I’m writing this book for therapeutic purposes. I wanted to spell it out for myself and others who struggle with obesity. This is me trying to get it right!

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Julia Press Simmons is the CEO of QMB Publishing and the author of five novels; Strawberry Mansion, Begonia Brown, Violet, Fornication Volume One & Two. She currently has a miniseries called Dawn of Destruction running on Amazon and BN.com .She is an award winning Spoken Word Artist, and Playwright. She has recently been nominated for poet of the year by AAMBC. Her play “Down There” was selected by the Shades of Black Festival Emerging Playwright’s Series in Nashville, Tenn. “Down There” also received a staged reading by the African American Playwriting Exchange in New York City. She lives in Pennsylvania with her family. Julia is currently working on her next novel, SM4: A Hustler’s Heart.

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