Book Intro: The Yellow Clutch Society – Denesha Sheree

Posted on July 9, 2012


Please tell us a little about yourself:  I was born in Detroit, but have a military brat background, so I have lived all over. I currently hold a degree in Linguistic Studies. I am very much a prissy doll. (Laughing). I love life!

What genre is your current work title?  Suspense/Romantic Thriller/Mystery

Tell the readers why you chose to write in this genre? What inspired the story?  This genre pretty much chose me.  I always say that this story came to me so fast that it was crazy. I started the foundation of the story line then the characters just literally took the story into their own directions. It was if I was the reader believe it or not. If I had to tag music to this story, I could because there were certain songs that went through my head upon writing this Novella. I remember the feeling I had in my stomach. I was on edge the whole time, like I was on the outside of my own story. When I finished this Novella, I knew that I would be the first one to tell a story as mysterious as this one.

What makes this book stand out from the other books in this genre? Let me just put it to you this way. On the last sentence of writing this novella, I knew it could never be duplicated. I kid you not, that there is so much going on in so little time, it will make your head spin.  The readers have told me that this book can be put into so many different categories because there is so much going on.

Who was your favorite character in the book and why? Yanis was my favorite character, because he had the ability to feel his wife’s pain without even being within her reach. He was strong, clairvoyant and attentive. He was the epitome of an African American Fabio (laughing) an ultimate protector who didn’t take no mess from anyone, especially when it came to his wife.

Please give us a sneak preview, a short excerpt: This is just a sneak Peek inside a characters mind, during her encounter with “The Yellow Clutch Society”

Brittany’s Mind

I have never felt this much pleasure in my life. I can’t describe to you how many times my g-spot was hit with each man’s finger. I was massaged over and over. The men advised me that the money in the vases were mine. I stood up naked, exhausted, weak and hella twisted. I reached out for the vase only to see it move. I tried to reach again and fell to my knees. The more I reached for the vases filled with money, the weaker I began to feel. I began chasing after these vases on my knees. All of a sudden the glass vases burst into flames. I placed my hands on top to save the money. Suddenly, I realized my hands were full of fire. I screamed, but no one could hear me. I turned to see the men staring at me. I then whispered her name. “Mrs. Isadore.”

The next thing I know she walks in the room. She and the other men began to clap loud. I was dazed and confused as it looked like they were performing a ritual. The money had turned black. She came over and stood me up. She spoke to me.

“I want you to decorate your door with a nice shear black drape. I want this done by next Friday.”

She then signaled for someone to bring a bottle of water for me. I was told not to ask questions about what took place. I was pampered for an hour before my departure. The funny thing is there was no ride for me. When I asked her how was I to get home, she laughed at me advising me to use the money that she gave me in the vases. This bitch is nuts. She knows damn well that money burned up, and the only thing I have to show for it, is the burns on my hands. I was saddened but refused to cry in front of her. I went downstairs grabbed a set of car keys to her car and drove off. I could see her looking from her mirror. Then a text came in telling me that she would send for her car first thing in the morning. This shit is crazy, so crazy that I ain’t going to  mention what happened to me.

When I arrived the ladies had so many questions for me. I could tell them nothing, however I did tell them that we got to stick together no matter what, because we’re in too deep now. They were staring at me as if they knew something bad had happened to me.

All I know is I didn’t want to be alone. I called my husband and surprisingly he came over. I told him that I wanted to take this car back to the Lacroix Estates. We all rolled deep not knowing what could happen. When I pulled up the house was still lit up and full of people. I left a note stating that the key is under the rug. Upon me getting into my husband’s car, I saw her peeking outside the window. She nodded her head and closed the curtain.

For the first time in years, my husband held me all night. He didn’t question me and I sure as hell didn’t question the smell of that cheap ass Jovan Musk perfume of another woman. All I could think about was my hands being burnt. Suddenly the good feelings those men gave me, didn’t feel so good. I now felt like a cheap slut. It didn’t matter though because I just have to be a part of this society…I just have to.

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