Journey’s End

Posted on April 14, 2012


Journey's EndAs a child, Joy witnessed the brutal murder of her mother by a man with green eyes. As an adult she has found an injured man with green eyes on her mountain. Though haunted by memories of her parents’ deaths, Joy can’t leave him there to die. Taking this man into her home stirs more than old fears. There is something about him that draws her to him. Something she knows she must fight against.

Jared has been lost emotionally since the end of the Civil War. When thrown from his horse and injured in the middle of nowhere, he closes his eyes and waits for death to take him. Death doesn’t come. Instead, he is woken by the voice of an angel and his will to live returns. But not just live. He wants to live with Joy.

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Back Story

The first book I wrote was a historical interracial romance called Deeper. At the time, I’d been reading historicals and come across several bad ones. My sister and I were in the bookstore, and I was complaining about the state of books, when my sister said, “If you don’t like what’s out there, write your own.” My first attempt at writing a full length novel wasn’t very good. The story concept was great, but my execution left much to be desired. I began studying the craft and went in to “fix” my original manuscript Deeper, but was quickly overwhelmed. I didn’t want to write the same book over, another idea had come to me. I’d take the heroine from Deeper and change her up a little and put her in a different situation. That situation was Journey’s End.

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