Meet Author A. C. Arthur

Posted on December 7, 2011


Many of you know my guest today, A.C Arthur, as a phenomenal author. Over the years, I’ve gotten to know A.C and am glad to tell you she’s just as phenomenal a person. Here’s a little glimpse into A. C.

When you’re not writing, what do you do to relax and have fun? I’m so boring, for relaxation I read or go to the movies.

Tell us something few know about you. I love black and white movies. I do not like fried chicken. I’m very shy.

What genre(s) do you like to read? Romance, of course. LOL paranormal and suspense are favorites too

When did you begin writing? When I was a sophomore in high school

What genre(s) do you write? Contemporary and paranormal romance and young adult paranormal

How long does it typically take you to write a book? Depending on how long the book needs to be – shorter books about 6-8 weeks, longer books about 12-16 weeks

Tell us about your latest book? Winter Kisses is the last story in the Lakefield Trilogy. Monica Lakefield is known for being bitchy ninety-eight percent of the time, but there’s one man who thinks he can finally tame her. Alex Bennett is no-nonsense when it comes to business, and women, so he proves to be a perfect match for Monica.

Are you consciously aware of the plot before you begin a novel, or do you discover it as you write? I have an idea of the story I want to tell before I begin writing. The details unfold as I go along and there are usually some surprises.

Tell us a little about your main and supporting characters? Monica Lakefield is troubled and like a lot of people who have personal issues, she tends to take her bad mood out on everyone around her, particularly men. Alex Bennett is a successful businessman with close family ties and a big heart. He’s not as laid back as his brothers, but knows what he wants and how to get it.

Do you tend to base your characters on real people or are they totally from your imagination? Usually a combination of both, especially in my young adult stories. I watch my teenagers and their friends and gain a lot of insight into their world which helps me create my characters.

Can you tell us who or what was the inspiration behind your latest book? There was no specification inspiration for Winter Kisses. Monica’s character has evolved since the first Lakefield book so I knew there would have to be a really strong man to conquer her.

Does the setting play a major part in the development of your story? In this story I used setting to cut down Monica’s defenses. She’s in her element at the office, or at the art gallery which she runs, so I had to take her away from all of that so she’d focus on the man and how he made her feel. They don’t stay secluded for long because Monica would never stand for that, but the ski resort provides just the opening that Alex needs.

Where can readers purchase Winter Kisses? Amazon, Barnes & Noble

If you could change one thing about your writing career thus far, what would it be? I really don’t think I’d change anything. Each misstep has been a learning experience and made me appreciate my gift even more. I believe that when something comes too easy it isn’t cherished as much, so I appreciate that I’ve had hits and misses and probably will continue to in the future. In the end, I hope it makes me a better writer.

What do you find to be the best and worst part of being an author? The best part is being able to escape into a world you’ve created and to enjoy seeing that story reach the readers. The worst part is the business aspect of the business, it takes a lot of time and energy and generally works my nerves.

When you were published for the first time, which route did you go – mainstream, small press, vanity published or self-published and why or how did you choose this route? My first published novel was through a small press that specialized in African American romance. I knew right away, I wanted to be traditionally published and tried many publishers before landing a contract.

How did it make you feel to become published for the first time and how did you celebrate? I was uber excited but I didn’t celebrate because I was afraid to jinx it. LOL

What was your reaction the first time you saw your book in the bookstore? I have the same reaction each time I see my book in a store, it’s like Christmas morning.

Since you’ve been published, how have you grown as a writer and now a published author? I’m not naïve enough to believe that a good story is all you need. I have a much greater respect for the craft of writing and try to improve with each book.

What advice do you have for aspiring authors? Persistence and dedication. This is not an industry for the faint of heart. If you’re going to write, do it and stick to it.

What do you have on the burner for the next year? A new paranormal series kicks off in March – The Shadow Shifters. Instead of vampires think jaguars—instead of students think attorneys in Washington D.C. fighting the drug war, dirty politicians and an uprising of rogue shifters.

How can readers reach you?

Dee here: I just wanted a second to thank A.C. for taking the time out of her busy scheudle to visit with us today. If you haven’t gotten your copy of Winter Kisses, be sure to pick it up today (Amazon, Barnes & Noble).  Winter Kisses is this month’s discussion at the  Black Romance Book Club Dec. 17. A.C. will be there. It’s online so you can pop in and out all day if you’d like. Come on by and join us. You’ll need to have a account (it’s free).