Meet Author Stephanie Norris

Posted on November 8, 2011


Hello Everyone, how is fall treating you. It’s too darn cold down here in Arizona. I moved to the desert because I hate the cold and here I am cold. BOOOOOOO. It’s all good though. I have some HOT books to read. SMILE. Today debut author Stephanie Norris has dropped by to tell you a little about herself and her title. Enjoy.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Hi I’m Stephanie N Norris, a 29 year old African-American female from Tennessee and Author of Trouble In Paradise. I love writing romance drama and this is my first novel.

When you are not writing what do you do to relax and have fun? I love to laugh! I love going out to comedy shows. I love being gathered around friends and family. I am a huge sports fan so I love watching football and basketball—college and professional. I love traveling and being in new places and meeting new people.

When did you begin writing? I began writing in 2010 my debut novel Trouble In Paradise. I wasn’t able to write consistently, so it took me a long while to complete this first novel but I have already started working on the second one and it will be ready very soon.

What genre do you write? I write urban fiction romance drama.

Tell us about your latest book. Trouble In Paradise is a urban fiction novel about a woman name Victoria Mathis who has a intern ship that causes her to relocate from Memphis Tennessee to Chicago Illinois. She has a boyfriend Joshua Eubanks who becomes her fiancé and they are planning a life together.

Joshua’s ex-girlfriend Danielle Shumaker is still in love with Joshua and not taking this news lightly. She takes a flight to Chicago to reclaim her lost love and all hell breaks loose. While Victoria’s life is being transformed into a all out battle with her nemesis Danielle Shumaker, another man catches her eye and she begins to have an affair. Victoria doesn’t know she just opened the door to another major problem because she is more distracted by her current problems with her man and his ex. This book is drama filled with steamy romance scene’s I believe you all will love.

Do you tend to base your characters on real people or are they totally from your imagination? My characters are for the most part from my imagination. I do get their attitudes from real people or views that I may have witnessed or been around, but the characters don’t mimic a specific person or persons.

Where can people purchase your book? Purchase my novel in paperback at The paperback is available or $8.99 for a limited time 🙂
It will also be on Kindle soon for $2.99.

Dee here: Thanks for dropping by Stephanie. We are all read-a-holics here and always looking for new authors to follow. Happy reading and writing.