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Posted on February 28, 2011


Recently I realized that I’m prejudiced. I know I should be ashamed of myself, but it is what it is. In my defense, I’m also open minded. Oh, I forgot to say what my issue is. If a cover of a book doesn’t grab me, I won’t pick it up off the shelf to read the back cover blurb. This has made me miss many a good book and almost made me miss a FANTASTIC series by romantic suspense author Iris Bolling. She’s going to kill me for saying I don’t like her covers. I’m sorry. Really I am. And it wasn’t the worse cover in the world or ugly, it just didn’t have the umph and I don’t want anyone to miss out on one of the best series I’ve read. Soooo, onto Iris. 

Tell us a little about yourself.
Hello Everyone. Dee, thank you for the opportunity to share a little about my novels with your readers. I live in Richmond, Va. (Shout out to the Capitol City). I have one son, one niece and one love of a lifetime. I work for the State of Virginia, training and developing the workforce. I like, reading, writing sports, education and politics.   

Tell us three interesting/crazy things about you.
Only three crazy things—so many to chose from. 1. I’m an introvert. I mean really an introvert. I go to work, come home, write, read, make a little love and that’s it. 2. Last year I won an Emma for Debut Author of The Year at the Romance Slam Jam and was afraid to go on stage to accept the award. No lie. I thank God for Gwyneth Bolton, because she allowed me to squeeze her hand in a death grip the whole time we were on stage together. 3. I love sports, baseball (Go Yankees – go Braves) Basketball (Bulls all the way – Maybe Knicks now that they have Carmelo) and Football (EAGLES as long as they have Vick)

What genre(s) do you like to read?
I crave Historical Romance, Suspenseful Romance and Romance. Notice a theme here? Julie Garwood, Beverly Jenkins, A.C. Arthur, Ann Christopher and Maureen Smith could probably make a living off of me.

What is your favorite novel and why?
Bare with me on this one, it’s hard to pick just one, so I’ll give you the ones I pull out and read over and over again. Lion’s Lady, by Julie Garwood, because it’s laugh out loud funny to me. Edge of Dawn, Black Lace and Edge of Midnight by Beverly Jenkins, because those brothers are so delicious to read about. The Madrias Saga (Justin, Dex and Clayton) by Brenda Jackson, because the men in that series love hard. If I had to absolutely pick one it would be Topaz by Beverly Jenkins for its historical elements and the man of all men Dixon Wildhorse.

What was the last novel you read that you enjoyed and why?
You are not going to believe this by the last novel I read was Perfect Picture by our own Deatri King-Bey. What I liked the most was this was a story of an older couple that had what they were in search of in the palm of their hands and did recognize it. Because it was so right, they both questioned their relationship. So they separated and ended up… You’ll have to read to see what happens.

Dee here. Awwwww, you are too kind Iris. I’m glad you enjoyed the novel.

When did you begin writing?
I began writing in 2007 when my job was very stressful and the political climate was not conducive to my way of life. So I decided to create my own Presidential Candidate in my first novel, Once You’ve Touched The Heart.

What genre(s) do you write?
Romance, Suspenseful Romance and I’m now trying my hand at Detective/Mysteries.

Where do your concepts for your novels come from?
Anything and everything- LOL!  I can hear a song and a story will develop in my mind. Or I can read a newspaper article and it will trigger a story. Someone can say a name and a story will formulate in my mind. I’m telling you guys, there is something wrong with my brain. I have an array of stories I begun on my computer. The characters usually tell me when it’s time to write about them by coming into my mind and not leaving until whatever is on paper, then I move on. Crazy right? I know.

How long does it typically take you to write a book?
It’s hard to say. Once You’ve Touched The Heart was written in four months, while The Heart of Him only took six weeks. My stories are character driven so it all depends on them. But I did learn this, the stories cannot be rushed. I have to let the story develop at its own pace.

Tell us about your latest book, A Lost Heart?
My latest book is about FBI Agent Brian Thompson. Brian is a beloved character from The Heart Series that everyone wanted to know what his story was. Well, Brian met and lost his one true love while in college. Years later his friend who is running for Governor of the state sends him to a rural part of Virginia to preliminary security check. While there he runs into the one woman that disappeared from his life and shattered his heart, Caitlyn Montgomery. He also discovers they have a son together. When that child disappears Brian leaves no stone unturned to find him. In the midst of the search he uncovers an explosive secret in the small town. The story is serious, but the characters in the small town are hilarious. If you like a fast pace, mystery with a little humor and a lot of love, you will enjoy A Lost Heart.

Where can readers purchase your latest book?

What other titles have you written?
Once You’ve Touched The Heart
The Heart of Him
Look Into My Heart
A Heart Divided
A Lost Heart

If you could change one thing about your writing career thus far, what would it be?
I would have started it years ago. I’ve been very blessed with the outcome of my writing career thus far. My first novel was voted Romance Novel of the Year by Shades of Romance Magazine. My latest novel, A Lost Heart is nominated for Romantic Mystery of the Year, by Romance Slam Jam. I received an Emma award as the Debut Author of the Year at the Romance Slam Jam and received several wonderful reviews on my work.

What do you find to be the best and worst part of being a writer?
The most rewarding aspect of being an author is when readers get what you are trying to portray. When they understand your characters and what motivates them. When a person says “Your book made be believe in real love again,” that’s a great feeling.  The worst part is trying to please everyone with every book. It can’t be done, I know that. But it hits home when someone says, “that’s not realistic.” It’s my job as a romance writer is to take you out of the everyday hum drum and place you in a world of fantasy and love. Realistic is what you pick up a book to get away from.

What do you have on the burner for the next year?
Well, I have decided to take The Heart Series to the screen in a small way. We recently completed filming on book trailers and commercials for Once You’ve Touched The Heart, which should premier on my website in March. The process of selecting actors and actresses to portray my characters was exciting and rewarding. I can’t wait for the final project. In addition to the trailers, I will release the last book to The Heart Series- The Heart, in September. In April, I’m releasing a new stand alone called, Night of Seduction/Heaven’s Gate. It’s a steamy sexy story about two brothers and two sisters. I will try my hand at traditional publishing by participating in the Aspiring Authors Contest at the RSJ Conference in April. My hope is to place somewhere in the top four. Towards the end of the year be on the lookout for the first release of The Lassiters. For those that read The Heart Series, you were introduced to Samuel and Joshua Lassiter in Look Into My Heart. Well, the Lassiters’ will have their own series. That’s it for 2011.

How can readers reach you?
Author website:
Publisher’s site:

I’d like to thank Iris for dropping by. Her Heart series is now available in eBook format also, so be sure to pick them up. You won’t be sorry.