Meet Author Diana Driver

Posted on February 25, 2011


Sci-Fi and fantasy were my first loves when I evolved into a true reader, then paranormal became popular and I was in heaven. I’ve even tried my own hand at fantasy romance with The Other Realm. In sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal, the author gets to create their own world and rules for how the world works (or doesn’t work in some cases). Great fun. I love reading the world others create. Today, Author Diana Driver has come by to tell us a little about the worlds she’s created. She takes after my own heart and loves Mercedes Lackey also. My favorite Mercedes novel is The Fire Rose. If you haven’t read this title, you should, it’s GREAT. Anywhoooo, enough of my rambling. Back to Diana. Like me, she writes several genres, so there’s sure to be something for you. Even non-fiction.

Yet another nice cover. Okay, I admit it. I’m a sucker for a nice cover.

Hello Diana. Please tell us a little about yourself.
I live in the Houston area with my husband and two cats. I’ve always loved to read so it’s natural that I’d want to write my own stories. I’m also a gamer and a member of Women in Games International. One day I’d like to design my own RPG game and have it for sale on Big Fish! I have the software, but not the time to sit down and do the actual programming. I enjoy playing around with 3-d graphic design.  Again, I have the software, but not the time. 


Tell us something few know about you.

  1. In my “career” days I was a geophysicist.
  2. I love the Runes and the messages they give me are spot on. Of course, my science background requires I analyze this phenomenon, but I haven’t reached any conclusions.
  3. I like trying new things and seeing how far I can take them. In January, I submitted a script for my novel Ninth Lord of the Night to Amazon Studios. I’ll probably never write another screenplay, but it was fun to do once.

What genre(s) do you like to read?
I read and enjoy all genres – except blood, guts and gore. Right now I’m reading mostly fantasy. Authors like D. Nathan Hilliard, Mercedes Lackey, and Robert Jordan. It amazes me how writers all have the same words at our disposal and there is such a great difference in usage in style.

What is your favorite novel and why?
This is a toughie, but I think I’d have to say, “Little Women.”  I’ve always loved that book and even named my youngest daughter Beth. Since there were so many “Elizabeths” in my family no one knew that my daughter was really named after a character in a novel.

What was the last novel you read that you enjoyed and why?
I just finished reading, “THE WAYS OF KHREM” by D. Nathan Hilliard and I loved it!  It’s a Fantasy set in medieval times and is a cross between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s, Sherlock Holmes novels and the writings of  Robert Heinlein and Michael Crichton.

What genre(s) do you write?
My novel Ninth Lord of the Night is a contemporary action/adventure with supernatural elements and I’ve written in the mystery and romance genres as well as nonfiction.  My next release will be fantasy based on Nordic myths and legends.

Where do your concepts for your novels come from?
My ideas come from what interest me and then I put in a “what if” factor. For instance, “What if a boy who hated history had to risk his life to preserve a historical document? What would motivate him?”

How long does it typically take you to write a book?
It takes me about a year to write a novel because I do an incredible amount of research. For Ninth Lord of the Night I went to Tikal, Guatemala. For my Nordic fantasy, I’m reading and studying all the Sagas and Northern Traditions – including the Runes.

Tell us about your latest book?
My latest book is The Maya, People of the Maize – a nonfiction handbook about the Mayan civilization for readers who’re interested about the Maya and the predictions concerning 2012, but don’t want to read huge academic tomes.

My latest novel is Ninth Lord of the Night and has been just released as an Indie book.  Here’s a wonderful review that a librarian from Rice University gave the book and she sums the story up beautifully.

“Seventeen year old Zack is one unhappy surfer dude when his folks sit him down and give him some very bad news, then top that off by telling him that he and his older brother Kyle are being shipped off to the jungles of Guatemala to stay with their uncle at an archaeological excavation. Zack plans to live up to his reputation as a teenage screw-up, and is determined to hate everything about this experience. It doesn’t help his mood that on his first night in Guatemala he witnesses a murder and gains the attention of a major bad guy who wants something he thinks Zack has. Zack does, in fact, have it–a crude map leading to a priceless artifact–but it takes him awhile to realize that. As time goes by, Zack finds himself strangely drawn to the ruins, even having visions that both terrify and excite him. He has to deal with the usual teenage problems: standing up to bullies, fighting with his big brother, trying to understand teenage girls, and so on, while staying one step ahead of a band of vicious smugglers, finding the precious treasure, and, and learning who he really is.

Diana does a great job on every level–getting into the head of a teenage boy, creating realistic characters, and depicting the Maya culture and the lush jungle setting by showing, not telling, the reader. Her research is meticulous. I know that because in my misspent youth I did graduate work in anthropology as a Maya specialist.” Shirley Wetzel, Librarian Rice University.  

Where can readers purchase your latest book?
Ninth Lord of the Night can be purchased at Amazon’s Kindle Store. It’s on sale for $1.99 from now until the end of March. The print version of Ninth Lord of the Night will be available next month on Amazon. My other work is also on Amazon, readers can just put Diana L. Driver in the Amazon search engine and it will come up.

What other titles have you written?
The Maya, People of the Maize” (nonfiction) and “The End of the Tour” – mystery, Valentine’s Day – romance, and Die Mahnung (The Warning) mystery.

If you could change one thing about your writing career thus far, what would it be?
I’m pretty happy with my career – the way it began and the fact that I’m now an Indie Writer. I love being in control of my work, the editing, and the cover art.

What do you find to be the best and worst part of being a writer?
The best part of being a writer is the writing! I love being creative! The worst part of being a writer is taking the time necessary to do marketing and promotion.

What do you have on the burner for the next year?
By 2012  I hope to have released The Amber Stone – Book One of The Chronicles of Rorik, as well as a romantic trilogy about dating in the cyber tech age (as yet untitled), and a horror novel titled, “The Spittle of Lune.

How can readers reach you?
Email address:

Thank you so much for visiting with us today, Diana. Now I’ll have to pick up The Maya, People of the Maize and your other titles. Come on back any time.