Moving Right Along

Posted on June 30, 2010


Welcome to the new home of Deewrites Newsletter. I’ll be moving everyone who was signed up for the older version over to this one the 4th of July weekend. You will still receive an email when new letters are released. Now I must admit that the email is UGLY. Not what you are used to from me, but it’s generated automatically. Early in the email is a link that will bring you here to see the newsletter online. Within each email there is also a way to unsubscribe (though I know you wouldn’t want to do that SMILE)

For those of you who are visiting Deewrites Newsletter for the first time, I use the newsletter to announce my upcoming titles and appearances and every once in a while give out a goodie or two. It’s not a weekly, or even monthly newsletter, so I highly suggest you go ahead and sign up for it.

Over to the left you’ll notice a menu called Back Story. Those tell the back story behind each of my novels. The menu is in order from my first novel, Caught Up, to what my next project is. I hope you all read the back stories and enjoy them. Another cool thing about this format is you all can leave comments if you’d like.

Much Joy Peace and Love