Caught Up

Posted on June 28, 2010


Caught Up, a mainstream with romantic elements, was my first published novel (February 2006). I reread Caught Up about a month ago after years of not touching it, and must admit that I was impressed. LOL. It’s a good book. I naturally write mainstream with romantic elements and love it. This novel actually started out as a women’s fiction with strong romantic elements titled Operation White Rose, but the godfather (who became Ernesto in Caught Up) kept trying to take over the book. He wanted his story told, which had similarities to the story in Operation White Rose but also a TON of differences. So I wrote Caught Up and named the daughter in it Rosa in honor of the book White Rose (which I may self publish.  I’m thinking on it)

Caught Up

A tangled web…David Martin, rising star of a drug cartel, has a problem, thus calls in a favor from his best friend. Ernesto Bolivar, money launderer and CEO of an up and coming technology firm, agrees to help David in order to put David in his debt. Harriet Wells, gold digger extraordinaire, has been kicked to the curb by her drug kingpin lover, but scored double points by snagging Ernesto.

When the DEA alleges Ernesto Bolivar is the number two man in the largest drug cartel in the world, his daughter, Rosa Bolivar,  doesn’t believe it. Ernesto won’t protect himself, so Rosa sets out to prove his innocence. She enlists the help of DEA agent Samson Quartermaine and soon finds herself falling for him. Torn between loyalty and love, Rosa must weave through the tangled web to discover the truth—a truth that could lead to her murder. Order Caught Up

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